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Cutting fiberglass for 178cm Skookoleels

The U.S. was once a major ski and snowboard producing nation. The big U.S. ski and snowboard companies, like so many corporations in the U.S., moved their production to China and most of the business was lost.  This kind of outsourcing not only cut jobs here in North America but also eroded the soul of skiing that was so alive and vibrant.  We don’t want to wax political on the downturn of the U.S. economy but what we do want to say is buy local!  That’s why MT Ski Co. combined forces with other U.S. based manufacturers to create the USA Colab project.  More than 25 ski and snowboard brands operate exclusively in the U.S., and the Colab’s marketing campaign seeks to spread the stories of brands who have signed up. The project is funded in part by each manufacturer, and by the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development, which matches any contribution made by Utah businesses.

The ski industry may be small, but it has the power to cultivate and inspire great change and now we have these incredible U.S. ski builders creating great skis.  From full custom “one of a kind” skis to full on factory build style boards. The next time you’re perusing your local ski shop take some time to think about who’s building the products you use to shred.  And for more information on U.S. built skis look no further than The USA Colab and the reviews from The Gear Junkie

Favorite Spring Customs

Showcasing 3 of our favorite full custom designs that we created for our valued MSC customers.  When we build fully custom skis for our customers we take into account a lot of variables — skiing style, strength, height and weight, powder vs hardpack, etc — but incorporating a unique graphic design created specifically for the individual skier is our favorite part.  The custom artwork becomes the final element that brings each pair of skis to life and gives them their own specific identity.  This spring 3 of our favorite skis were the Wave, Viking, and Snowghost inspired by descriptions and ideas sent to us by each skier.  If you could dream up your own custom design what would inspire you on the slopes?

Seeing with your feet

As many skiers know (especially those who have ever skied at Big Mountain) with winter storms often come complete whiteouts.  It just comes with the territory.  Vertigo and faceshots are often directly related and “1 chair” visibility days require powder-hounds to stick to the trees and feel their way through their favorite stashes.  Limited visibility does have its advantages however, providing cover for those who wish to keep their favorite lines to themselves or duck a rope to poach a few illegal turns.  It also keeps the lift lines small as the not-so-hardcore skiers position themselves safely along “mahogany ridge.”  While the world may be full of comments on the weather there is certainly no control over it — and if there was it would snow 3 feet overnight and clear up at 9am.  Every day.  Without the bitter the sweet is never as sweet so the next time you’re scraping the rime off your encrusted goggles remember your favorite bluebird day and that the next one is right around the corner.

Speaking of seeing with your feet, check out the latest press on Montana Ski Company from Montana Headwall Magazine (here).  Sign up for the Montana Headwall video contest and you may find yourself riding some custom skis from MSC.

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